We just wanted to share some exciting news with you!!!

Our Annual Easter Tickets are back! Starting next week, we will begin distributing tickets for players to sell. If any players are requesting extra tickets, they can reach out so that they are put with their original tickets. It's important to note that each player has a mandatory 10 tickets that they must sell, but any extra tickets can certainly be requested.
What's great about these tickets is that each one gives the purchaser SEVEN chances to win daily prizes from Monday, March 25 to Sunday, March 31. There's a minimum prize of $1500 with an Easter Sunday draw of $ 5,000! And if you sell a winning ticket, the player receives a free registration for the 2024-25 hockey season (max value of $375).
We are looking forward to another awesome turnout with these tickets. As stated, they will be distributed early next week, hoping to start on Monday evening with each division. There has been an email set up for ticket correspondence, ticketsmariners@gmail.com, so all ticket sales and info are in one place.

Something to remember is that when there are siblings, the tickets will be put with the oldest of the family. (ie. If you have a U7 player and a U13 player, the tickets will be distributed through the u13 player). Sometimes this is overlooked, but we will do our best.